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Why Renting A Salon Booth Is Right Choice For You

When you first start your career as a stylist, it is natural to desire security. Working on commission can provide that. You may desire more control over your time, earnings, and clientele as you gain confidence and skills.

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 These are some of the many benefits that renting a booth or suite in a salon can bring to you over working for commission.

1. You are THE BOSS

Renting a chair or a suite in a salon means that you can be your own boss. The salon only requires that you pay the rent.

Instead of paying a percentage of what you earn, you could pay a flat fee. You can decide your own schedule and prices. This profit calculator by Salon and Spa Galleria will help you to compare your earnings with your current commission situation.

2. Choose The Salon You Like

You want to establish a reputation for your salon and build your business. You are what your workspace says about you. Your behavior also reflects on it. So you need to find a salon that fits your style, your clients, and your career goals.


Every salon is different and not every stylist will be a good fit. You have greater freedom to move around if you choose to rent a booth or a suite rather than working as an employee in a salon.


A salon booth or suite can be rented for an unlimited amount of autonomy. You have the ability to offer discounts, coupons or other promotion

These are some of the benefits of renting a salon space and why you should adopt this model for your business.