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Why Is Sea Moss So Beneficial?

Raw Irish sea moss sometimes referred to as Irish moss, is a species of algae known as red. It appears like the commonly seen seaweed tangles that are slick brown that is known as sargassum according to a study by Advances in Botanical Research.

You can find this tasteless edible seaweed in supplements, dried, raw, or gel form. While the majority of sea products made of moss are made from algae called Chondrus crispus. The term "sea moss" could also refer to seaweed or algae that comes in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow and green, to black and purple.

raw irish sea moss

Manufacturers of sea moss products claim that sea moss harvested from the ocean is superior to sea moss that is grown in controlled environments like a pool. But, there's been very little research into the effects of nutrition as well as the current research does not prove the claims.

Despite the insufficient research. There's a clear reason why sea moss has taken the wellness industry to the forefront: 

Magnesium- According to Gorin, the same 100-gram portion of sea moss has around 34 percent of the daily recommended dose of magnesium. Minerals are often under-appreciated however it is essential for hundreds of your body's activities.

It could protect your nerves-  A study that was published in Marine Drugs suggested that red algae may have neuroprotective properties. The preliminary study showed that worms fed sea moss extracts had fewer neurons lost and moved faster. It could be a boon for people who suffer from Parkinson's disease.

It could aid in weight loss- Some sea moss enthusiasts claim it speeds up weight loss, however, Gorin warns against relying on "one magic food" to change your diet.