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Why Best Street Food Items Are Getting Diverse

Street foods are low price as well as easily available and also reflect conventional food culture exit in particular region, city or country. World's Best street foods congress organized in Philippines was a spotlight event focusing mainly on highlighting importance of street food to the economic development of any country. American television personality chef Anthony Bourdain was centre of attraction.

The mega event was attended by 30 hawkers from 14 countries. For instance, such type of events were conducted every to give power to local street food vendors to produce more innovative products. When you travel to different cities, you are able to try variety food items accompanied by specific ingredients using in cooking activities.

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For example, in Denmark food items were associated with beacon and potatoes but due to international festive programs Danish gastronomy has been garnered at international arena. Therefore to create awareness among people various promotional activities should be conducted on regular basis.

There are few reasons contributing to vast growth of street food market share:

1. Low price

When you entered any five star hotel you think twice if your budget is too low, but this not the case with street foods. You can easily eat variety food as per money availability.

2. Great popularity

In countries like India, China, Indonesia and Thailand people are excited to eat food away from home. Especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing and Jakarta thousands of local vendors offer variety food items.

3. Timely services

You don't need to wait long hours to get order on tables. There are so many vendors available in specific location. For example, if you are in Mumbai then you should visit local markets to taste traditional cuisines.

4. Variety

If you are a food lover and want to taste new items street food could be the last option.

Until a few years ago, street foods were considered as unorganized market share and was completely overshadowed by professional operators operate across the globe. Gradually people develop interest in roadside food items because they identified above mentioned benefits.

At current scenario food industry is contributing to world economy and major section of industry is dominated by local vendors. There are global operators working effectively but their numbers are low as compared to local vendors.

Small businesses are mainstay of both developed and developing countries thus play pivotal role in generating employment opportunities. Local government has supported street food market, initiated various programs to promote local cuisines at international level.