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Who Uses Commissary Kitchens?

A commissary kitchen is a public kitchen that can be leased by the hour or on a permanent basis, for preparation and for food storage. 

Commissary kitchens are completely authorized commercial kitchens that meet all applicable food safety rules and are regulated and inspected by the local health department. You can also look for the best PREP ATX commercial kitchens  in Austin through various online sources.

Commissaries allow food business owners to use shared spaces in a variety of ways, from access to shared equipment to benefits of economies of scale and cost-sharing.

Kitchens are often located outside the city's central business district because they do not have to serve the public directly. This usually makes them affordable to rent and makes it easier for suppliers to access supplies.

There are many types of commissary kitchens, from those that take care of food trucks specifically to kitchen incubators that support a growing business, to restaurants that make extra money by renting out their empty kitchen space.

Who uses the commissary kitchen?

Renting a part of a commissary kitchen can be ideal if you run a food truck, pop-up restaurant, or catering business – or if you run a number of restaurants and can use the prep kitchen as a production hub.

There is a growing trend for delivery specialty restaurants, many of which use commissary kitchens like ghost kitchens. These restaurants do not have a storefront and instead use delivery options to sell food directly to consumers.

Seasonal food establishments also benefit from the flexibility of commissary kitchens.