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What To Do If You Are Not Able To Configure Netgear Ex2700 From Laptop?

You can start using the Netgear extender on your existing network only after it gets properly configured. If you are going to perform the Netgear Ex2700 setup through your laptop and come across any error message or problem, then there is nothing to worry about. Just go through the below-mentioned steps to get rid of this problem.

  • First of all, turn on the extender and after that turn on the laptop.
  • Now connect the extender to the laptop either physically or wirelessly. If you are going to connect through a wireless medium then check if you are connected to the right SSID or not. Connecting to the wrong SSID may result in an error message and the installation process won’t get completed.
  • If you don’t know the SSID and the password of your range extender, then connect the extender to the laptop through Ethernet cable provided by the manufacturer.
  • Now, the browser will automatically open the default setup page which is also called as Netgear genie installation assistant.
  • Follow the guided instruction to complete the setup process.
  • Connect the router to the extender now and check the status LED. If the color of the LED is green, then it means the connection is successful.

Now, the router and the extender are connected and the existing network range is successfully extended. You can now connect the wireless device to the SSID of an extender.