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What Can An Airbnb Management Service Help With?

Hosts can find managing multiple Airbnb properties stressful and time-consuming. When booking a vacation rental, guests expect high-quality amenities and personal service. It can be difficult for hosts with day jobs or other responsibilities to manage all of this. Many are turning to an Airbnb management company to help them with their property management.
The services of Airbnb apartment property management at can be as simple as a few hours of help with bookings or as complex as a complete package.
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  • Listing creation
  • Professional photography
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Accommodation and screening for guests
  • Key exchange and personal welcome
  • Optimizing the price
  • Premium amenities
  • Cleaning, laundry, and linen services
  • Property maintenance
Pricing options:
Two main options exist for management fees for Airbnb. Flat-rate management fees are the first. The management company will charge the same monthly rate regardless of how many bookings are made.
The second is the commission rate. The company will receive a percentage of your monthly earnings from Airbnb (which can vary depending on the management package you choose)
Set-up fees can be added to monthly management fees by some companies. You should find out the fees and any additional charges for professional photography or the initial listing.
Reporting Back:
It is important that you, the customer, can easily see financial results as a management service. What have your earnings been able to improve over the past six months? What percentage of your earnings have been increased by the management company? What services were provided in exchange for this commission? You should choose a management service with software or an app that tracks your financial results.