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What are Indoor Plants?


Indoor plants are those plants that do not require additional sunlight to grow and survive at the same time. These plants now come in different types, sizes etc. Moreover, certain indoor plants require little water to grow while other indoor plants require less lighting conditions. These are some of the qualities of an indoor plant you should know about.

  • Foliage – The foliage of an indoor plant should never be thin. It has to be thick.
  • Root System – A healthy root system is a must in an indoor plant. For bigger indoor plant, make sure the roots are thick along with light in color. On the other hand, the roots of small indoor plants can be easily seen by the eyes.
  • Diseases – Similar to humans and animals, even indoor and outdoor plants are known to catch a disease. Some of the signs of a diseased indoor plant to look for include; sticky residue lying on the surface, bad odor and white dots.

Let’s focus on a few plants that require low light for their survival

  • Philodendron – This plant is regarded to be the most popular choice amongst other indoor plants. This plant is known to grow well under low lighting conditions and is also known to attract only a small number of pests.
  • Peace Lily – This plant grows well under moist soil conditions. This means, you don’t require to add tons of water on a regular basis.
  • Dracaena – This plant is known to offer green long leaves. The only drawback of this plant is that you are required to prune the foliage as soon as it turns long.

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