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West African Food – All About Healthy Eating Habits

Unlike many other parts of the great African continent, West Africans have healthier eating habits. Nigeria and other coastal areas of West Africa tend to eat more chilli than any other African dish. Many beach recipes feature fish prepared in different ways. Often the fish is marinated in ginger, tomato and cayenne pepper and then cooked in peanut butter. You can become to know more about African food via

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Due to the influence of French cooking, chefs often use lime juice, and chopped vegetables including onions, garlic and spices to complete their dishes. You'll also find that peanut butter, palm oil, and often coconut oil are common ingredients in all dishes. Black peas are a staple in West Africa. Also known in South America, okra is native to Africa. It is often used in many dishes to thicken soups and stews. As for fruit, bananas and coconuts are very important.

In each settlement, you will find many wild fruits and vegetables used in various preparations. Sweet potato feasts are common, often accompanied by eggs. West African cuisine loves to make croquettes, especially if they are made with sweet potatoes and fried in peanut butter. Apart from bananas and plantains, which are actually starchy vegetable forms of bananas, they are one of the most important parts of the diet.

Basic West African cooking techniques often combine fish and meat. In fact, a very popular and highly flavorful stew is made from it by adding flakes and dried fish to hot oil and combining it with chicken, sweet potatoes, onions, chilli oil, and water.