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Various Types of Insulation

Insulation is known to come in various types where every homeowner should know about it. These are a few types that are popular amongst many homeowners.

  1. Insulation for Floor – Let’s start with the expensive one which is floor insulation. Due to being expensive, it is important to understand that it should be done only when necessary. For old homeowners, this insulation is going to be far more expensive compared to a newly built house.
  2. Insulation for Window and Door – When it comes to window and door insulation, triple glazing is a must especially on the presence of spaces.
  3. Insulation for Roof – Warm and cold loft are the types of roof insulation. Between these 2, a warm loft is slightly on the expensive side which is being used on the lower portion of the roof. However, being expensive means, it is worth every penny. For the upper portion of the roof, cold loft insulation is used.
  4. Insulation for Wall – Wall insulation is one of the insulation that is known to come in 2 types similar to roof insulation. Cavity wall insulation is the one used to insulate the inner and outer spaces of the structure. While solid wall insulation is the other type which is used for insulation of the interior area of the house. Before the installation of wall insulation, it would be wise to get the work done from a professional.

These are some of the types of insulation every homeowner should at least have some form of knowledge about. You can always get more information on insulation in Sydney and other parts of Australia from a professional.