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Various Symptoms Of Dyslexia In Children

It is not always easy to recognize the symptoms of dyslexia in children. The signs are different from child to child, and what might apply to a kid might not apply to the other.  Indeed, each person develops writing and reading skills at his/her own pace but there are specific symptoms that one can notice during childhood. 

It is important to be attentive and actively listen to your child if he is surviving high school with Dyslexia, so you can take care of the problem as soon as symptoms of dyslexia start showing. This will make you find out the right tools and solutions for him at a young age. 

Symptoms of dyslexia in children: when to consult?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of potential symptoms of dyslexia in children. If you identify some of these symptoms, you should seek a professional who can confirm the diagnosis. 

Writing issues

  1. Poor copying and writing skills. 
  2. Illegible and messy handwriting. 
  3. Uncommon pen grip. 
  4. Slow writing speed. 
  5. Taking longer than normal to finish a written work. 
  6. Mistaking the right order of some letters.
  7. Even though the child knows and understands what he has to write, he struggles to express it by writing. 

Reading and spelling issues

  1. Reading way below the expected reading level.  
  2. Reading aloud and being hesitant.
  3. Difficulty spelling. 
  4. Avoid reading or any activity that involves it. 
  5. Bad pronunciation of words.
  6. Trouble reading easy well-known words. 
  7. Poor comprehension of the lecture. 
  8. Confused about letters, words, or any written expression. 
  9. Feeling dizzy and complaining about headaches while reading.