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Types of Precious Gemstone and How to Choose One

When choosing between different gemstones, it is important to consider what they will be used for. Some stones are best as engagement gifts, while others are perfect for an anniversary. Some of these popular fine jewelry brands accurately represent several phases of marriage.

1. Sapphires – Sapphires have a beautiful blue color, which comes from components of titanium, chrome, and iron. Some of these stones are also available in orange, purple, and green colors. Sapphires have a strong legendary origin, and some people even believe that the world is sitting on a giant sapphire with a blue sky, a reflection of a jewel. 

2. Diamonds – Diamonds are definitely one of the most valuable gemstones today and are often used as a symbol of luxury. They are made of pure carbon and are the hardest materials in the world. A diamond's value is determined by its carat, clarity, and color. 

3. Ruby – Blood-red color, ruby gets its color from chrome. It is associated with sapphires with some compositional differences between them. The Ruby Gemstone is considered a representation of passion because of its color. This makes it the ideal stone for couples.

4. Emerald – A beautiful green color, emerald is associated with aquamarine and is named after the Greek word "smaragdos", which means "greenstone". It is interesting to note that emeralds with excellent clarity and color are more valuable than diamonds.