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Types of Pallets: Properties & Applications

In packaging, pallets are important logistics equipment. A pallet is a portable, rigid platform that’s flat and can carry the load. Different types of pallets are used to pile up, store, assemble, or transport goods. They improve warehouse operational efficiency by allowing easy movement of stacked goods using machines or tools, such as forklifts and pallet jacks.

There are several types of pallets available by the pallets company– reusable or expendable, made from wood, plastics, or metals, and assembled differently– reversible, stackable, and so on. Each of these pallets has unique applications that you’re about the explore!

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Types of Pallets Based on the Configuration

Pallets come in different sizes and styles as well. They could have a top and bottom deck or be reinforced with horizontal boards called stringers. Out of the most popular types of pallets we’ve listed below.

Roto-Molded Pallets

Roto-molded pallets are made using a rotational molding method. They are economical, available in standard sizes, and can be enhanced using steel frames to increase their load-bearing capacity. Roto-molded pallets are used in industries where hygiene is a priority.

Injection Molded Pallets

Injection-molded pallets are flat pallets available in standard sizes and colours. They are used to lift goods during transportation and can be easily moved using forklifts, loaders, or jacks. Injection-molded pallets made with HDPE are washable, corrosion-free, recyclable, and durable.

Block/Deck Board Pallets

Block pallets can be lifted from all four directions. The upper deck is supported by twelve columns. There may or may not be a bottom deck. Block pallets provide high handling efficiency and could be made of wood, plastic, or metal.