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Tips For Personalizing an Interfaith Ketubah In Israel

If you're having an interfaith wedding with Jewish components, you've probably decided to get a ketubah – a Jewish marriage contract. The Ketubah is a traditional part of every Jewish wedding ceremony, and in modern times, interfaith couples have found that incorporating this beautiful custom is a great way to incorporate part of the Jewish couple's heritage into their marriage.

There are many artists available that can provide the custom ketubah prints online in Israel.

Here are some tips to help you:

Tip 1: Ask your rabbi about the textual requirements

If your coworker isn't a rabbi or singer, your cafeteria can have whatever you want, but if a rabbi or singer is going to serve at your ceremony, talk to him or her first before doing anything else!

Although interfaith ketubahs are not legal documents under Jewish law (as orthodox ketubahs would), many rabbis still have very strict rules about what types of texts they allow (or forbid) for interfaith ketubahs.

Tip 2: Find or write something you both like

While many couples focus on the design of the Taboo, keep in mind that this is a special document that will accompany you throughout your life. The words are just as important as the design, if not more so! There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ketubah texts available online. So take the time to read what's out there.

Tip 4: fill the ketubah: always get proof

Once you've selected and approved your text and provided your name, it's time to order the tuba. You can choose your rabbi to fill the void at the wedding, but your robes will look "filled."

For the most elegant of presentations, you'll want your tubing artist to fill in your personal information when he or she makes the tubing. This way the text flows smoothly and looks like a work of art that was meant to be and not a questionnaire.