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The Rise of Cloud Services

You can't seem to avoid mentioning the cloud in 2011. It's the latest fad in information technology and all the big producers are rushing to join the band. Most large IT companies offer solutions for cloud services and you can look for that at this link

The cloud is a collection of computer systems that appear to you as a whole regardless of location. Most of the major cloud computing services offer access to computing platforms that use multiple data centers. These data centers are often miles apart and may even be in different countries and even on different continents.

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Customers usually pay for the services they use, often in terms of memory usage or CPU. Applications run on virtual machines that are independent on the physical host server, so they can be quickly moved to another hardware or even a different data center if a problem occurs.

The Cloud Service is designed to enable customers to quickly increase or decrease computer usage and thus search costs. Many companies, especially in retail, have much higher computer needs at certain times of the year. 

To meet this requirement, a company needs to have a large supply of computer power for most of the year or import computers for a short period. Backup and other standard services for data centers will be part of the cloud provider package. Make sure you review all contracts to get the level of service needed.