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The Most Popular Blinds For Melbourne This Summer

Summer in Melbourne can be quite hot and yet, with the perfect arrangement of blinds, the home can remain as cool as the inside of a fridge. An added benefit of this is that the right blinds can also reduce your costs associated with cooling your home. So what does the perfect combination of blinds look like? 

Melbourne summer

image by .Dwayne.

A combination of window treatments that allow light control and heat are ultimately the best option. This would mean either blockout blinds, dual roller blinds, plantation shutters or Venetian blinds. 

  • Blockout blinds block out almost all light entering through a window – reduced light means reduced heat. 
  • Dual roller blinds will allow maximum light desired as well as the darkness needed for keeping the place cool. This is because they have a see-through fabric on one roll and blockout blinds on a second roll.  
  • Plantation shutters are a more expensive window treatment option but dress up any window as well as provide a great amount of insulation from the heat. 
  • Venetian blinds are another good option as the wood will provide a cool look and feel to the window and room.


There are a variety of blinds that can be considered to provide the optimum cooling feature to your home this summer in Melbourne. Options to consider include blockout blinds, dual roller blinds, plantation shutters, or Venetian blinds. All of these provide great window insulation, resulting in less effort to keep your home comfortable.