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The Downside of Selling Books Online

Selling books online can be fun and profitable. Selling books online is a great home-based business. There are a few frustrating aspects to it though. The downsides of selling books online mostly have to do with customer service, the markets, and seller mistakes.

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The Downside of Selling Books Online

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Clients – Please see the publication description before purchasing it. It drives me nuts when a client receives a novel and needs a refund or threatens negative comments since the dust jacket of this book is ripped.

Penny Sellers – Penny sellers on Amazon try to create a dime or two n every book they sell. Additionally, they drive the costs of novels down. I am not certain how they live but they're the bane of all booksellers on Amazon

Library Sales – folks these earnings aren't rugby scrums. If a person dropped $10 before you do you push me and catch the cash and fast stuff in your pocket?

Probably not somehow this behavior is ok when heading to get a $10 book. Library earnings are usually in packed basements.

 You need to arrive hours early, cover to get in, and then hurry to get novels and expect you don't have someone's scanner blind one with their laser.

The above list is insufficient to make selling novels on line a "demanding" company. Regardless of any frustrations, I do love selling books on the web.

 The aforementioned list is chiefly tongue-in-cheek and can be shrouded in size since it continue to nit-pick.