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Symptoms and Types of Thyroid

Thyroid is one such issue majorly caused in females than males. This usually attacks our hormones and impacts our body. Thyroid can cause more trouble during pregnancy. Thyroid can also cause weight gain to people. It is always recommended to people to often get your regular checkup done. You can book your appointments at and get your appointments. They are the top family physicians and can help you with thyroid treatment.

To know if you have any such issue or not you must see the appearance its symptoms in your body. But before that I would like to tell you about the types of Thyroid.

There are 2 types of thyroid

Hypothyroidism: This is a condition, which is denoted by a dip in the thyroid hormones in the blood. This needs to be taken care of during pregnancy as it might leave a negative impact on health.

– Hyperthyroidism: This is caused due to an overdrive of the thyroid hormone in the blood. It secretes the hormones in abundance.

Symptoms of Thyroid depends on each type:

– Symptoms of Hypothyroidism includes:

Weight Gain


Irregular Periods

Joint Pain

High Cholesterol

Tightness in the throat

Vision problems

Dryness of skin

Thinning of hair

Panic attacks

– Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism includes:


Mood swings and irritability

Heat intolerance

Development of a goiter

Tremendous weight loss

Rapid and irregular heartbeat


On appearance of such symptoms do not delay to seek medical consultation. Get your checkup done and start with your treatment as soon as possible.