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Steel Buildings and Prefabricated Steel Buildings


Steel is a major element in the manufacture of steel building. These structures are becoming popular day by day. This structure is completely made of steel. It's internal frames, girths and exterior sheeting and cladding, everything consists of steel. There are steel framed structures on the other hand, which actually consist of merely internal frame network made up of steel.

The materials used in this structure is not a common one, it is more of a high-quality galvanized steel. The resistance against rust and corrosion increases through the galvanizing process, a process for treating steel to make high-grade steel. Steel buildings are used for domestic and commercial purposes. You can also have steel frame structures and pre-engineered steel frames from QuickFrames USA for your construction purposes 

The historical background

Engineers and architects dreamed of metal building three centuries ago. In those days, metal buildings consist mainly of iron, and then, cast iron; However, this structure does not manage to get a lot of popularity due to weak structures, heavyweight, a lot of costs, and poor resistance to corrosion and violent climate.

Therefore, after decades of struggle and engineering marvel, the steel becomes part of the modern construction industry. Now widely used in modern construction projects such as skyscrapers, modern stadiums, roads, sports complexes, educational institutions, health structures and many more to mention.