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Some Reasons to Get SAFe certified

Here are some of the reasons to get SAFe certified:

Mastering the Challenges – SAFE certification is useful for understanding the problems faced by large organizations. SAFe training is a way to get to know the whole organization and its flow. Understanding the value streams will help you to identify and remove any blockages. 

This helps to understand the processes and learn about different aspects of an organization. SAFe allows people to gain insight into all levels of the organization. To understand the details about SAFe certification, you can also visit

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Worldwide Recognized Accreditation- The Scaled Agile certification is a globally recognized skill that every IT organization recognizes and treats as a niche skill. With a SAFe certification in hand, you can look out for your dream job in your dream country/organization. 

This certification is widely accepted and highly sought-after. With more and more companies adopting Scaled Agile, Scaled Agile certifications are highly sought after. Scaled Agile continuously updates its content to meet market demands and remain ahead of the market.

SAFe Adoption has risen at the Organization Level – As organizations adopt agile more, job descriptions now include SAFe as one parameter that employers are looking for. You are ready to take on the challenge and meet the expectations of the organization.

All about Growth Mindset – Lean-Agile principles are scaled to focus on the growth mindset. This is a different way of working. SAFe organizations allow individuals to grow and work in an environment that supports them.

You can easily set the Growth Path – Depending on your abilities and expertise, you can move into the program or to the portfolio layer. It gives you a break away from monotonous work and allows you to communicate with different layers to get the whole picture.