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Rocking Sleep Training For Toddlers In Australia

Most sleep problems (unless of a medical nature) are behavioral or involve parental intervention during the child's sleep process. If you decide to change this unwanted pattern, it's definitely possible! A complete In-Home personalised consultation can help your little one (18 months – 3 years) become an independent sleeper wherever you are not available.

To move things toward change, you need to know exactly what to do to get out of your situation.

1. Step-by-step sleep training instructions on how to help your child sleep independently.

2. Tools for dealing with sleep changes, such as removing naps and going to bed.

3. Eliminate useless associations with sleep and weaning.

Dealing with bedtime struggles in toddlers: procrastination, separation anxiety, leaving bed or room, and waking up at night.

1. A comprehensive sleep package that includes an age-based digital guide.

2. A detailed sleep schedule based on your child's age, possible sleep problems, and recommendations.

3. Tools and guidelines for changing useless sleep associations.

4. Examples of ideal practices and schedules.

5. Additional tools for long term success.

6. Initial 30 minute magnification to investigate objectives, issues and recommendations.

Each sleep plan comes with a special sleep plan tailored to your family's needs based on the specific information you share with me. These packages are designed to help you teach your child good sleep habits for life.