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Protect Your Smile With San Antonio Dental Implants

It is said that when you smile at your obstacles, it acts as a bridge for you to achieve your goals. How true it is in the case of our real-time smile. Have you ever wondered what a smile can do for your personality? It adds not to the mercy to your face but also induces self-confidence and self-esteem to the level of change in your behavior positively.

But when you have one or more teeth that are lost in your mouth, the same smile can be proven to be a curse that loosens our grip on self-confidence and contributes to depression. Dental implants are a good effort to make our smiles beautiful and improve our personality. You can search for the best dental implants via


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Dental implants, such as other implants, are foreign objects that are placed in the place of the original organ, in this case, teeth. Dental implants consist of high-quality titanium along with some other metals that blend with the jaw bone quite easily considering the oral hygiene of the patient and in the absence of bone degradation diseases. 

It is drilled surgically all the way to the size of the original missing tooth root upon which the dentist attempts to replace a false but original-looking tooth or bridge. Dental implants are the permanent teeth replacement treatment and not the ones that get loosened with time.

The technology that they work on is based on chemical anchorage. The titanium-based dental implants get anchored closely to the surrounding bone. In return, the encircling jaw bone makes more bony cells grip the implant tightly.