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Pros Of Online Quran Classes For Kids

Learning Quran is one of the first and foremost obligations of every Muslim. One who has learned shall teach it to other Muslims, as our beloved prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) said that the best among Muslims are those who first learned the Holy Quran and then taught it to other Muslims.

By the grace of Allah majority of our Muslim households make their kids learn Quran at a very young age.  You can get the teaching of master quran class online via

This allows that with their school studies they also learn the Holy book and become able to recite it in their prayers. Now the question is whether to go for the conventional Quran classes at home or at nearby madrassas or join the online Quran classes.

Here shall we have an overview on the pros and cons of online Quran classes so as to make a better decision regarding the Quran Coaching of our kids.

Whether you are opting for conventional Quran classes or online Quran classes, the first step is to find a good Quran tutor. In Muslim countries or in Muslim communities in non-muslim countries there are many available Quran Tutors but I shall say with a pardon that no all tutors are best for coaching kids. Here is a small checklist of a good Quran tutor:

The personal traits of a Quran tutor are also very important, kids at their young age pick the traits of their teacher and follow their actions so watch closely how the tutor behaves with the kids, is he/ she soft-spoken? Does he/she greet kids? Are her/his clothes unislamic? All such personality traits are to be watched closely for better coaching of the kids.