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Process Flow For The Onboarding Of An Employee

It is important to follow a process for hiring an employee with the automated onboarding tool. Here are the four mentioned steps to follow:

Publication of offers

The employee training process begins immediately after the recruitment phase. Once an employee is selected, the HR manager sends a warm welcome email with several important documents such as an offer letter, a link to fill out a digital form, and a policy document. You can check over here the transparent approach that introduces employees to the culture and expectations of the company.

Acceptance of offer

Once an employee accepts the offer, the best organizations arrange a speed call to review forms, submissions, guidelines, and expectations. New recruits' loyalty strengthens their decision to accept the offer and builds a strong emotional bond with the company. This is a good time to outline an employee orientation program.

Waiting time

The fact that an employee has accepted the offer does not mean that they will show up the day they join. During the waiting period, employees may also be open to offers from other potential employers. 

Accession day

On the first day, most of the new hires had mixed feelings. You feel anxious, happy, excited, and nervous at the same time. Therefore, the main job of the hiring manager is to make sure that the newly recruited employees feel welcome and comfortable. Create a sense of belonging to new employees, make them feel more engaged and able to concentrate better on their work.