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Private Limited Company Registration In Indonesia

The private limited firm registration promoters may select any acceptable name for the anticipated direction, subject to the limitations under the Act section 20, companies act 1956.The emblems and manes delay of erroneous use act of 1950 and leading principles in this connection from the department of business law management.

A private limited company shouldn't be registered by a name which in the opinion of this authorities is undesirable companies act 1956. Before registering a company one must know about the corporate structure in Indonesia: shareholder, commissioner, and director for further processing.

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A private limited company registration title that's accurate with or too practically offers the private limited company name by which a company in existence has been recorded may be deemed to be rejected by that government department. The objective is to prevent individuals to use a title having the probability of deception or confusion.

It's nothing new since the principle extends equally to the use of names of partnership firms and people. The registrar is permitted to deny company registration in Chennai on this floor. The final stages of the corporation have to be Limited in the case of Private Limited and Public Limited Companies.

No individual under the characters and names avoidance of incorrect use act of 1950 shall use or continue to use some other title of the private limited company or logo mentioned in the record without the previous entry of the authority or such officer of this authority approved by the central authorities.

The program specifies a list of things for emblems names at the end of the part under other details authority shall be register as well as the private limited firm which bears such a title in the part of improper utilization act of 1950.