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Outdoor Wood Boiler – Good For Your Home and Environment

The purpose of an external reset, such as the Honeywell AquaReset, is to increase the efficiency of the hydraulic heating system. It works more efficiently combining the performance of a gas or oil boiler with the heat loss from the building it supplies. 

This is achieved by boiler pumps/circulators, which adjusts the boiler BTU output incrementally depending on the outside temperature via sensors outside the housing. The colder it is outside, the hotter the water in the kettle gets to the top of the kettle (usually 180°F). Instead of the boiler producing water to the maximum limit during the entire heating season, it is regulated according to external conditions. 

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Why is an external reset needed?

An analogy can be made that a hydraulic boiler is very similar to driving a car. The car achieves the best gasoline consumption when driven at a constant speed on the expressway. You won't hit the freeway and step on the gas pedal to accelerate to 60 mph instead of braking until you hit 60 mph and then hit the gas pedal to 60 mph. 

Hours to return. This is not an effective way of driving. The same goes for heating systems, if the system only needs to sustain heat loss on a cool autumn day, then why should it work to high limit, stop, to high limit, stop. This burns fuel and makes the house uncomfortable, creating more BTUs than needed and creating temperature swings in the house. 

It is more efficient to reduce boiler power on less cold days and ensure uniform and uniform heat production. As a result, less oil/gas is burned and money is saved, while at the same time maintaining a more pleasant living environment.