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Ontario Divorce Attorneys Can Help with a Separation Agreement?

Ontario divorce laws provide many protections for spouses. The courts can award child support and/or spousal support to a couple who is divorcing. This may be in the case of one spouse getting custody or if there is income inequality. The court will also determine how assets should be divided. While couples can resolve these issues themselves, and they often do so, sometimes it is impossible for them to reach an agreement. This is especially true when the divorce is bitter or if the couple doesn't get along.

The spouses could be fighting about custody during this period of separation. The spouse withholding financial support may leave the spouse without the income necessary to care for the children or house. A separation agreement may be necessary if this happens. If the couple is good friends, a separation settlement in Ontario may be necessary to define each spouse's rights during divorce proceedings. However, this is not usually as important as when there is much disagreement.

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Can an Ontario Divorce Attorney Help?

An Ontario divorce lawyer can assist you if you and/or your spouse want to make a separation arrangement.

A divorce attorney can help you work with your spouse to reach a separation agreement. You can also negotiate an agreement with them. Your attorney will draft the legal documents to make the agreement legally binding if you can reach an agreement. If necessary, your attorney can petition the court to create a separation agreement. This will ensure that you have the legal protections and support you need.