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Magnetic Therapy Research – Study and Findings

Evidence does not support magnetic therapy

The effectiveness of magnetic therapy remains a mystery. However, scientific evidence has not been established. Magnetic therapy is the most widely used alternative medicine. External application of static (or continuous) magnetic fields can reduce inflammation of the joints. Magnetic therapy promotes sleep and treats many painful conditions, including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Research in biomedical engineering

The FDA regulates medical efficacy claims, but static magnetic fields are generally considered safe. Together with the doctors, they began research on the effects of magnets on blood circulation. This research was done to test the claims of some companies that magnetic therapy help in increased blood circulation.

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Customer is King

Magnetic therapy is becoming more popular in an age where 'customer' has been elevated to the status of 'king'. This is because it offers a natural and drug-free solution for many conditions.

The medical profession has never slowed down in telling the world that magnetic therapy products can reduce pain and are a placebo effect. Other medical professionals are making easy money by exploiting vulnerable citizens.

Alternatives are popular

Many people use magnetic therapy to treat their ailments, from depression to joint pains. However, there is no scientific evidence. Magnetic therapy products are readily available in many forms, including magnetic bracelets, magnetic insoles, and magnetic belts.

Magnetic therapy for pets can be a lucrative market. It allows your pet to find relief from feline and canine arthritis. Pet owners have testimonies that attest to the effectiveness of this therapy.