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Is Talcum Powder Safe?

Talc is a soft, natural mineral that is used in baby powder, makeup and deodorant. Industrial producers also use powder in products such as ceramics and paints. However, studies have linked asbestos-contaminated powder with mesothelioma.

Some studies also link it to ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers face thousands of powder lawsuits. You may click to know more about cancer and talc relation.

Talc is a natural silicate mineral. The company extracts it from rock deposits in the earth’s crust. Manufacturers break it down, dry it, and grind it into a fine white powder. The powder functions as a lubricant and gives softness and shine .

Manufacturers use powder as an ingredient in common products such as baby powder, makeup and color.

However, several studies link it with ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, and respiratory problems. Safety issues have caused an increase in the proportion of powder.

Talc is a natural mineral consisting of four elements: magnesium, oxygen, silicon, and hydrogen. The chemical name for powder is hydrated magnesium silicate. This is the softest known mineral.

The company then began to market it to women. Powder is said to be good for controlling odor and moisture in the genital area.

Talc powder manufacturers and suppliers say the mineral powder used in cosmetics is very smooth and safe.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer says that asbestos-contaminated powder is a “carcinogen for humans”.