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Information on the Work Environment of Insulation Workers


Around 52,000 jobs were available for insulation contractors in the year of 2012. These 52,000 jobs were split into 2 types called mechanical insulators and floor, ceiling and wall insulators. The floor, ceiling, and wall insulators were offered a job in the drywall contractor industry while mechanical insulators were employed in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractors about 15%, drywall and insulation contractors about 22% and other building equipment contractors about 38%.

Insulation contractors are those who work on the inner portion of residential and industrial structure by kneeling, bending and standing in different areas.

For Work Schedules – When it comes to the working schedule of insulation workers, they are required to work full time. However, weather conditions also play a role when it comes to dealing with gas and pipelines for insulation. Therefore, the work has to stop if the weather conditions are bad for the insulator.

Illnesses and Injuries – The majority of the times, the danger isn’t involved for insulator contractors. However, the contractor needs to take care for themselves against falling from ladder, cuts from a knife and so on. Moreover, the contractor also needs to be careful when it comes to insulation materials entering the eyes, skin and lungs. This can be controlled by wearing protective equipment such as gloves, masks, respirators, suits and more. The protective gear is also going to protect the contractor from burns coming from pipes.

This is the information on the work environment of insulation workers in all over the world. Insulation workers also help in installing ceiling insulation batts.