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Important Skills and Training a Security Officer Must Have

A security guard is most of the time hired for contingencies, which means he protects property from vandalism or theft. Clients minimize the risk to their property by hiring a private security guard which means that there is a definite risk involved with being a security guard. Therefore, the security guards need to be prepared and trained, because they might make life and death decisions for businesses, private individuals and the public in general.

The most important skill a security officer should have is to observe and report. Sounds simple enough, but if one has worked in the security industry he knows that it's not that simple. Security officers have to be very observant and detailed oriented. You can find security guard companies at


Most of the information clients require is important and makes a difference. Often security guards have observed skills through experience or common sense, but they lack the proper reporting skills.

Daily activity reports, incident reports, and access control log are an important tool security guards use. They record the pertinent information that clients use to control access and protect their merchandise. For example, if an employee entered the warehouse at midnight and the security guard did not record his information, then there is no sense of security left for individuals.