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How To Wash T-Shirts

Screen-printed cloth T-shirts want some special care during washing and drying to ensure that the print lasts long before cracks, fades, or peels. If it is well behaved, high quality printed shirt must be made through at least thirty-five washes before the print can fade. 

Thinner, low-quality shirts tend to age faster than high-quality shirts, but proper care will still maximize their look and life. For more information about garment wash, you can visit

Wash T-Shirts

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Here are few steps regarding garment wash:

  • Read the garment care tags on each of your tees, so that you can wash them accordingly. 
  • They rarely mix with dry cleaning chemicals. Separate white clothing from colored clothing, and inspect for stains. 
  • If necessary, apply a good quality stain remover to the stains (usually avoiding printed design) and settees for a while before rinsing them so that the stain remover has a chance to work. Read and closely follow the instructions for whatever stain remover you are using.
  • Turn each printed T-shirt shirt in and out, so that the design is in, and the amount of rubbing it while washing and drying is minimized. This step is important! 
  • Wash your T-shirt with similar soft clothing – no heavy jeans or a jacket – to reduce the amount of rubbing they receive. 
  • Wash in cold water with normal detergent, in the soap-water ratio recommended for detergents – a gentle hand wash, or "delicates" cycle in a washing machine is usually fine.