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How to Set Up a Simple Photography Studio

Sometimes, we need more light. Not necessarily a bigger quantity, but something that is more attractive and portable, with a range of adjustments, and will simply fill in the appropriate areas. 

As we improve at shooting, we are able to see where crucial lighting is lacking. There are many ways to create stunning lighting with some of the most readily available tools that don't cost huge sums of money and in many instances, won't cost any money at all. You can also purchase various photography tools via

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First of all, we have been aware that working with this kind of equipment is one of two sins. The first is learning how to recognize the source of light, where it's coming from, what kind of softness it and how it works to draw attention to your object.

Studio lighting is designed to attempt to replicate the light's different shapes. The placement of your subject in front of windows can provide an extremely harmonious hue and softness to your light. The more soft the light will be, the more it will wrap over your subject.

If you're using this method of windowing, you can try both direct light and indirect shaded for different effects. And the best thing is, it's completely free! To replicate this type of light, we employ studio strobes, or "flash" as they are often referred to. 

The easiest setup to purchase is just a single strobe with an enormous reflector and stand. A lot of places offer these kits starting at 600 dollars, and sometimes include remote triggers wireless, meaning you don't need to be in the vicinity of the light source when shooting.