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How To Send The USPS Certified Mail Digital?

Certified Mail is the ideal service if you require evidence of your record has reached its ideal destination. The record of receipt is something that companies of all sizes and businesses need for proof.

There are many online postal services available who provide proof of sending with the receipt. If you’re considering sending certified mail then you should choose the best online postal services for sending the United States postal service certified mail.

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With Certified Mail, you receive digital verification that the email piece was sent as well as the USPS gets a list of shipping it retains on file. They also provide the physical or digital record of shipping which it was obtained; receive Certified Mail with Return Receipt.

Take the upper region of the form together with the barcode and use it to the upper, center portion of your mailbox or the upper, center portion of your parcel at which it's observable.

You don’t need to visit the post office. You can send the document online by just uploading it with full details. Certified Mail is an excess service, which means you will cover the postage to the mail of your package or letter.

If you're searching for ways to send the document easily, have a look at e-Certify digital Certified Mail solution which lets you complete and publish Certified Mail tags directly online from the desk.

  • You don’t need the trip to the post office.
  • You can save the electronic return receipt.
  • You can also choose the certified mail with an electronic signature.