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How To Select TFT LCD Monitor For Gaming In Melbourne?

Plenty of large resellers stock a wide range of monitors and some are on display. You should go to various shops online where you can find the several types of gaming monitors and thinking of buying.

There are many companies that provide high-quality gaming monitors online. You can easily get the best gaming monitor via

Things that you can see when choosing a monitor for gaming is:

Dot Pitch/Pixel Size

Dot pitch is the distance between phosphor dots (sub-pixels) or between TFT LCD cells of the same color on a display screen. A smaller number generally means that the image on the screen is sharper, as there are more dots in any given area.

A display with a smaller dot pitch is usually better, but this is not always true because of the methods used to measure it.

Contrast and Brightness

Contrast is the ability for the monitor to vary brightness between the foreground and the background. It is expressed in a ratio (i.e. 500:1).

Typically the higher the ratio, the better the image quality will be as the display will be able to show bright colors next to dark without washing out the black or dulling the colors.

Viewing Angle

CRT monitors are viewable from almost any angle. That is to say, if your view is not blocked by the curve of the screen or the surrounding plastic frame. TFT LCDs have a narrow focus and therefore can only be viewed from inside a certain arc of angles. As the technology improves, this arc is being improved.