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How To Manage Your Anxiety To Prevent Health Complications?

The growing pressure to get the highest standard is making it more difficult for those who do not meet the requirements of their goals had set themselves. The pressure from peers, whether within the community or at the work, is always on the rise. 

In the case of promotions at work or in the new automobile that your neighbor recently purchased, many people are finding it struggling to keep up. The result is high-stress levels, which are taking a toll on their quality of life and health. How to control my anxiety? Becomes the question that is asked by these people by their counselors.

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Anxiety is a state of mind which is characterized by emotional, cognitive, and behavioral elements. These elements combine to produce unpleasant feelings that are typically interpreted as anger, fear anxiety, or apprehension. 

Things like taking an exam, competing in a contest and public speaking, making presentations, conducting interviews, arranging important events, etc can also trigger anxiety or nervousness. 

Anxiety attacks typically peak in less than 10 minutes and tend to last less than half an hour. In that brief time, anxiety can be so extreme that individuals feel like they're completely out of control.

Anxiety can be manifested by symptoms like heart palpitations, fear, and restlessness. Chronic depression, stress, or a sudden setback may cause anxiety. Anxiety isn't related to the age of the individual but is a problem that can strike any person. Recent studies have revealed that children too suffer from anxiety.