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How to Make Your Bathroom Custom to Accommodate the Disabled, without Renovating

When a family requires the amenities of a bathroom that is accessible to those with disabilities, a remodel in one bathroom is typically looked at or even a known room is constructed.  

There are occasions dependent on the kind of disability being accommodated you can alter bathrooms for residential use without the expense of a full remodeling. If someone with a disability wants to move around or on crutches, it's feasible to modify the design by hiring contractors from

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But if there are minor modifications to do, you might be able to do it entirely by yourself. Here are some practical suggestions that you can customize your bathroom for a disabled person with mobility issues.

Take into consideration issues with mobility

Make sure you consider the entire bathroom about the needs of the disabled. Are they able to easily enter or out of the shower or tub? If yes, then you might not require an adaptive device like a shower or tub lift chair. However, in many instances they allow you to make your bathroom adaptable to different handicaps.  

If you own a bathroom, it is possible to get adjustable shower chairs that can be used as a seat while you shower. They come with adjustable legs as well as rubber tips for feet to provide stability. There are some with rollers too. These can also be placed in a bag away and put away when not in use. You could also fix seats to walls when you're adept at using tools.