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How To Make Dry Wall Construction With Gypsum Boards

Drywall construction refers to the method of building partitions in different spaces or rooms without using mortar and bricks. This type of work involves assembling gypsum boards onto aluminum frames or other structures to create the wall. These boards are lightweight and easy to install on floors. These are useful for creating offices, dividing lounges, and dining rooms in hotels and domestic houses.

Drywall construction using gypsum boards requires that you first mark the area where you want to partition. The aluminum structure can be prefabricated so that it is easy to erect on-site. Attach the ends of the structure to the external walls. Drill the bottom frame into the floor slab, and then screw it onto the ceiling. Mark the doorway and attach the frame. However, if you are also looking for gypsum boards then visit

Gypsum Boards

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Use a gypsum board to complete the drywall. Screw it with the screws provided, a few millimeters in the board. This will ensure smooth finishing once you have painted. Attach all boards to the aluminum frame. Once the boards have been fixed, place the joint strip on top of it. Smoothen the edges with gypsum adhesive.

Paint dry walls of gypsum boards using undercoat and filla. To give the door a nice finish, fix it to the frame. If the door is timbre, paint it with gloss paint or varnish. Once the decorative work is complete, the floor can be divided into rooms. To ensure the wall is properly fitted, measure the lengths and heights of each room before you begin to erect them.