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How to Make a Timber Frame Wall Panel?

Let's start with a simple wall without openings for doors or windows. We can get to the more difficult panel later. Find the best-graded timber wall frames to make your home looks elegant.

The standard height for panels is 2,453 meters. Most of the homes have this standard ceiling height. It's also easily compatible with drywall and plywood / OSB.

Walls made of wood with dimensions of 38 mm and width of 140 mm. It is available in various lengths of 2.1 mm and then gradually increases from 300 mm to 5.4 m. In this example, a length of 4.8 m CLS C16 wood is used.

The wall we want to make it on the roof of the house, so there are no doors or windows. The wall is 9.5 m, but we must divide it into a more manageable size. We took the 9.5 m wall and split it in half to get two 4.75m walls. This is much easier to handle.

You can remember that the standard height for a wall plate is 2,453. It consists of a vertical stud as well as a double sol plate and double head plate.

All of this means that you put two long logs, 4.75 m long, on the floor to which you will attach a pile floor, and then put two long logs, 4.75 m long, on a wall plate. You can use two 90mm paste colors that are burned with nail guns or two 100mm wire nails coated with a hammer.