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How To Do SharePoint Migration Successfully

SharePoint migration is usually interpreted as a technical action that involves moving content and sites from one environment to another. This is considered the work of the organization's SharePoint technical staff and is not part of the work of management or end-users. The fact of the matter is that this is not a purely technical platform, but a business platform with a technical background. 

A good administrator will understand that the implementation of SharePoint migration must be successful, both technically and economically. As the technicians keep things running, the company ensures that it works effectively. The best way to do this is to plan ahead. Planning should be done before the IT aspect appears in the photo and involve various stakeholders i.e. business users and end-users. However, you can also get SharePoint migration software from

SharePoint Migration Planning

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Using a comprehensive migration plan that takes both technical and business into account enables organizations to correct mistakes, improve existing ones, and take the opportunity to transform their entire SharePoint environment to achieve greater organizational capabilities.

To give you a few points about migrating SharePoint to your organization:

Define Criteria: 

The first step, even before creating a SharePoint migration plan, is to consider important criteria like migrated, etc. The basic idea is to remove unimportant stuff or remove export/import all-important content and roll back site to the new version.

Developing a Plan:

Organizations are always advised to create a roadmap before starting the actual migration process. The organization must create a roadmap that meets the criteria set for the timeframe, content to be migrated, and site recovery.

Assessment and Review:

The last step of the migration, if neglected, can put companies in trouble. So it is very important that you take care of it and make sure the company sticks to the original plan. It also handles errors or inconsistencies helping companies get the maximum return on their SharePoint investment.