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Homeschool Record Keeping Strategies

While there are several different methods of tracking your home schooling experiences, most home schooling parents can be classified as cucumbers, cubes, or queens.

While these descriptions can make you laugh, they are actually quite accurate! Who do you think you are? You can also opt for Homeschool in the Santa Clara Area & Homeschooling with your kids in San Jose.

The tubes are the ones with the big tubs of rubber and everything in their home school goes into them. The Tubbies put all of their home school records in a tub for all of their children during their twelve years of schooling.

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There is other type of record, and this (unfortunately) applies to people who don't know. These are people who either didn't know the tape was needed or who didn't know they needed to transcribe it.

This record-keeping strategy didn't work. People who use this strategy have done crazy things and forgot that they studied Latin for four years.

This strategy results in a lack of money for college scholarships and sometimes even no college entrance fees.

But there is still hope! Move up the food chain! If you tube it rises to be a cube. If you are young, try your best to be the queen of the fraternity.

Every year, try to keep making your records better and better so that while you're ready to transcribe with your seniors or juniors, you can do it to the fullest and not get too stressed out! What are you waiting for?!