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Hiking Safety Tips Could Be Your Life-Saver

Hiking, trekking or camping in the rainy season can be long, risky and physically draining activities. Plan a proper schedule and leave the details to someone who will be able to notify the concerned authorities if you do not come back as scheduled. Many trails features hiking logbooks and, if you do not get to your stated location on the time, a warning will be sent. There are some tips:

  1. Choose your hike according to your physical fitness level. If you are trekking with the kids in tow, you'll have to choose a route that suits their ability. You can check sleeping bag at

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  1. Make sure that you schedule enough time for your proposed hike. It's best to leave really early in the morning and create a buffer of leeway several hours for unforeseen events. It is most important that you pace your hike to get back at the launch point or the nearest shack way before sunset.
  2. Save close tabs on the weather forecast. The weather conditions can take deteriorates really fast, especially in the highlands. Stay on the road. It will not only help protect you from getting lost, it will also safeguard the environment in which you are hiking.
  3. Carry each piece of trash back home with you.
  4. Try to remember that people who go hiking do so primarily because they are very concerned about the peace and the silence that they choose so do not be robbed by interfering noise.