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High Reach Arm Demolition Understanding the Type of Service

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The construction industry has evolved with the onset of new technologies and tools. Not all demolition projects follow the same approach. Some might need explosives while a wrecking ball might work for others. A yet another case can be burning the house for a complete knockdown.

With so much variation in the knockdown services available, there’s a high-reach arm demolition process that’s gaining some traction. Let’s understand what it is.

The High-reach Arm Demolition

The term “high-reach arm” refers to a long reach excavator that’s used to demolish higher structures with care. With this, you can get a particular part of the building at a higher level demolished without disturbing others. Although it takes a longer time than regular demolition, it offers numerous benefits as well.

Benefits of High-reach Arm Demolition

  • Higher Range of Reach: The long reach excavators used in this process can demolish buildings over 150 feet above the ground level. In terms of floors, it converts to demolishing and rebuilding parts above the 8th floor.
  • Minimal Disturbance: While other demolition techniques cause noise and dust, the high-reach arm process avoids such invasion. Being a quiet process, it leaves minimal waste and debris after the demolition is done.
  • Precise Demolition: The ultimate precision this process offers is likely to retire the wrecking ball technique. Experts can handle long-range excavators to demolish only specific areas of a building, targeting them precisely without disturbing others. On the contrary, a wrecking ball can do the same but with a higher level of disturbance and debris.

So, if you own a tall building and need to rebuild higher parts for a better structure, you should hire professional demolition services in Newcastle offering high-reach arm solutions.