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Healing Gemstones In Jewelry Meanings And Qualities

Gemstones and crystals are long thought to have healing qualities and when worn close to the body as in jewelry to impart their qualities to the wearer.

Purple gems is thought to inspire creativity and to aid in the development of one's spiritual consciousness, Aquamarine is a great calming stone and considered to be the stone of courage.

Turquoise has been used for centuries as a stone thought to connect the wearer to the spiritual as used by the native whereas other cultures prize various gems above others.  

Diamonds being the hardest have long had value firstly as tools for cutting and more recently as a symbol of longevity in a relationship worn as engagement rings for example. The colors of gemstones are also thought to connect to the Chakras and have representation in themselves.

White is a mixture of all colors so highly valued whereas green and pink thought to connect to the emotions and so great healers for the heart chakra area.

More unusual gems such as Charoite have other properties such as being helpful for those giving up alcohol and for those suffering from exhaustion. Indeed there are so many gems with healing qualities one could easily wear them all.

The best advice however is to choose one that is attractive to you thus trusting your instincts. Healing gemstones are thought to work best when kept as close to the body as possible so gemstone jewelry has become ever more popular as an alternative to carrying a gem in a pocket as the proximity especially to the heart chakra gives a more reassuring feeling to the wearer.