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Guidelines For Processing And Shipping Fresh Frozen Tissue Samples

Frozen tissue samples are a type of FFPE. These samples are taken from tissues that have been frozen immediately after they have been removed from the body. FFPE samples can be used for a number of different research studies, including cancer research and stem cell research. Processing and shipping Fresh Frozen Tissue Collection can be a daunting task, but with the help of guidelines, it can be done safely and correctly.


The Pros and Cons of FFPE vs Frozen Tissue Samples

Here are some tips to follow:

-Make Sure The Specimens Are Properly Stored: Freezing tissue specimens quickly and at low temperatures will help to preserve the cells and tissues. Make sure the specimens are stored in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture.

-Pack The Specimens Well: Make sure the tissue samples are tightly packed so that they do not move during shipping. Avoid using excessive packaging materials, which may lead to damage during transport.

-Use Proper Shipping Materials: Use sturdy boxes or containers that can withstand rough handling. Use proper packing materials to protect the tissue samples from moisture and light.

-Check For Damage: Once the tissue samples arrive at the destination, check them for any damage. If there is any damage, notify the receiving facility immediately so that the tissue samples can be processed properly.

By following these guidelines, shipping fresh frozen tissue samples can be done safely and correctly.