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Find Different Types Of Fire Alarm Systems

You should regularly test and maintain your fire alarms. It is easy to test a system by pressing a button. Maintenance may also be as simple as changing the batteries. It is much easier to test your system by learning more about it’s working.

If you want to learn all about fire alarm system component s, browse now Fire Alarm Academy. There are many types of fire alarm systems available in the market:

  • Manual systems – A manual system is a collection of points scattered throughout a building. Call points can be alarms that are activated by pressing the button or smashing the glass. This system works by sounding an alarm when someone discovers a fire and notifying everyone else so they can evacuate.

types of fire alarm systems

This system has a positive side because it doesn't rely on any electrical equipment that might fail to detect a fire in the time. However, the obvious downside is that if nobody is there to see the fire, it will take a while before the fire brigade is alerted.

  • Automated systems – These systems are more reliable for fire detection. You can have them mounted on the ceiling and powered by batteries, or they can be built-in so they can be connected to mains power. 

A built-in system has the advantage of never running out of batteries. This means that in case of a fire, it won't sound as if it is dead batteries. To be safe, they should be tested periodically.

It is not enough to have a fire alarm system. Fire drills and fire alarm testing are also important in order to ensure that everyone knows where to go in case of a fire. This will allow for people to safely exit the building and be found.