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Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Federal criminal defense lawyers are for ensuring justice and due process for those accused of crimes or misconduct. Federal criminal defense attorneys are lawyers who specialize in the defense of criminally charged individuals or companies.

Federal criminal defense attorneys at Gallian Firm LLC deal with issues related to the arrest, search, or confiscation of client property, or client statements.

Gallian Firm LLC: Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorneys can also address the substantive issues surrounding the charges against their clients. Federal criminal defense lawyers are entitled to the presumption that their clients are innocent until prosecutors prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. 

For serious crimes such as felonies, juries must consist of twelve people. The jury must reach unanimous verdict in order to convict or exonerate the defendant. A

 "hung jury" is a split jury that can lead to a retrial for the defendant. Federal criminal defense lawyers actively pursue the cause of their clients through every stage of criminal prosecution.

Public defenders are attorneys who work for governmental entities like counties, states, and the federal government. These are usually law school graduates looking to gain courtroom experience quickly, but many more experienced lawyers have made public defense a lifelong profession. 

Federal criminal defense lawyers can assist people accused of white-collar crime, SEC violations, and tax crimes, as well as asset forfeiture fraud, drug possession, conspiracy, racketeering, money laundering, extradition, or public corruption.