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Facts To Know About Bed Bugs

Bugs are extremely active and powerful they can climb and crawl up to 100ft. without the slightest problem. Where possible do not take used furniture into your home, it is certainly very unwise to take old furniture. If you purchase used furniture check it and clean it thoroughly. As a precaution I would use some non toxic spray before taking it inside the house.

The pests are extremely mobile and can follow you home through handbag, dry cleaning-anything they feel to be warm and safe. This includes second-hand items such as furniture or appliances. Be sure to check belongings for pests-new and old-before bringing them into your home. You can check out effective bed bug treatment at

How do I get bed bugs?

Understanding more about bed bugs will help you to decrease the chances of an infestation and to eliminate a problem should it arise. Above all, be sure to act quickly if you suspect presence of the pests before the situation escalates.

The elusive pests can be difficult to detect, but they do leave behind clues as to their presence-in addition to the red bite marks on your skin. Tiny brown spotting may appear on bed sheets and mattresses and they may produce a musty scent. If you are unsure about pest activity, purchase a bed bug interceptor to catch bugs in your home.