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Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Choosing IT Technical Support

If you are a business partner relying on supporting an internal technical support staff, contracting for local IT support or national remote technical centre, it is important for you to read this information on selecting IT technical support.

Options in choosing TI technical support include hiring internal staff with initial certification to maintain and manage servers, workstations, desktops, laptops, printers, smartphones, operating system software, professional office software and special applications.

Some enterprises have contracted with a local firm to provide on-demand on-site break/fix support. A third choice is to engage with a national remote technical centre with certifications to support each device and software application remotely over the internet and correct any failures.

Many national technical centres include proactive monitoring as added value. Choosing a technical support provider depends on the following:

• Experience and training

• Value-added

• Cost

Certification recognizes that technicians have completed the course to install and manage certain software or software applications. The challenge for these technical schools is to find instructors with the requisite training on the most current hardware and software technology. 

Typical local service providers have a difficult time in providing training unless the company is large enough to have training support from manufacturers of hardware and software or large distributors that will support sustainable training. The value of the experience for remote technical service shows 90% of end-user problems can be handled by an offsite technical assistant centre.