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Enhance Your Corporate Identity With Your Business Card

Whether you're an event planner, restaurant owner, or freelance writer, having a business card is a must to define the explicit value of your brand. The visual images on your business card are a great way to convey a set of principles and a sense of purpose to your clients. We are here to tell you how to acquire this strong corporate identity through your new business card.

Importance of business cards

Business cards can become a powerful advertising medium for your small business if handled correctly. Your Custom Metal Cards design articulates the personal business values that you want your target customer base to associate with your products and services.

What to include on business cards

1. To begin with, the title of a business card will be your business name followed by your name. The heading can also be the title of your work. This important information is usually in the center or at the top of the card in a large, bold format.

2. Next, your business card should communicate information about the product or service you are selling through an attractive visual statement. 

3. A slogan conveys the main objective of your business or your personal / business value.

4. While providing your contact details, try to include as many ways as possible to reach you. A cell phone number, a voicemail number, an email ID, a website address, and perhaps a Twitter address are all must-haves today.

What to keep in mind on business cards

– A clear and simple design to convey your precise message to your customer community

– A standard size 3.5 "by 2" business card to fit in a wallet or card organizer

– A large number of your business cards are available with you at all times.

– A professional quality print job to indicate that you are a dedicated home business owner and that it means real business.

– Use of paper or any other surface that can be written on the back to write down any improvised information