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Eating Grass-fed Liver Induces An Amazing, Healthy Pregnancy

Hello, future mothers! Beef liver is highly concentrated with essential vitamins and nutrients for the proper development of your baby.

Folic Acid

This key B complex vitamin is especially important in the early stages of pregnancy to help prevent birth defects such as nuchal and lip bonds, spinal bifida, and neural tube defects. Many prenatal vitamin supplements use a synthetic version called folic acid, but recent research shows that natural folate is easier to absorb and more effective. You can easily find the best quality desiccated grass fed beef organs capsules from various sources online.

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You can get more folic acid from a moderate serving of grass with beef liver than from almost any other food on the planet! Eat 3.5 ounces. A serving provides 65% of the recommended daily value!


By the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, the woman's body has increased the amount of blood in the heart by 45%; This is a lot of work! Of course, good stores of iron are needed to make all those extra red blood cells; This is where beef liver comes from. Grass-fed calf liver is a great source of easily digestible iron, which can keep your body nourished throughout the nine months of pregnancy.


Protein is what the body uses to build almost everything! Eating large amounts of protein helps boost your metabolism and gives you everything you need to raise a healthy baby. Grass-fed calf liver is very high in high-quality protein and provides essential amino acids.